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Company Profile Setup
Chart of accounts set to your industry
Live bank feed setup
Full data & transaction history converted

Training -2 Hour Session

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Cloud Accounting Setup Options

Office Partners Bookkeeping

*50% Due up front

**Payments may be split into monthly payments over 3-5 months


When setting up your accounting system, there are many details that need to be entered accurately - chart of accounts, specific expense and income categories, fixed assets, note payables, etc. This can take a day or more of your time. We can ease this process for you.

Ongoing Cloud Bookkeeping Services:

Fixed Pricing so you can budget.

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Premium - Best option for business owners who are too busy and desire full service so they can make the best decisions based on accurate financial data. This includes historical transactions and information.

Full - Best option for small business' who will handle the day to day accounting operations after setup.

Essential - Best option for small business' who just need assistance to get the accounting system in place.

*Maximum of 6 accounts (bank and credit cards combined)

Your Monthly InvestmentPremiumFullEssential*
Paperless expense and receipt processing systemx

Posting all bank transactionsxxx
Posting all credit card chargesxxx
Posting vendor invoicesx

Posting payroll journals
   (provided by your payroll services)
Loan amortizationsxx
Maintain fixed asset registersxx
Monthly bank statements reconciledxxx
Monthly credit card statements reconciledxxx
Monthly managerial reportsxx

Cloud accounting software subscription


Yearly W9s/1099s/1096sx

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